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Career Assessment Tests

Career Assessment Tests

This could be a symptom of something much deeper than simple distractions. Our Career Assessment & Aptitude Tests are meant to help you discover yourself as well as your focus in the workplace.

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Career Blog

Two-thirds of workers today are unhappy and the current job market does not make it easy to find something new. Our award-winning career blog is full of tips & tricks to help you find the path to your Careertopia.

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- Compliant With Government’s Standards for Hiring

- Validated Across Millions of Users for Over 30 Years

- Used For Stress Reduction, Job Satisfaction, and Improved Job Performance

- Used by Most Fortune 500 Companies including Dell, TELUS, Oracle and More

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- Forbes Called Careertopia “One of the Top Websites For Your Career

- Youtern has Consistently Listed Careertopia As “One of the Top Sites for Young Careerists”

- Careertopia Has Appeared on Huffington Post, Business Insider, Lifehacker, Dumb Little Man, Tiny Buddha, and Many Others.

- Our Blog Subscribers Come From All Over the World Including Canada, U.K., Australia, India, Germany, Singapore, and More.

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Clients & Testimonials


  • Even though I have not completed the course as yet, I have found it to be most insightful, very relevant and extremely enlightening. I have learnt a great deal thus far, though I will probably need to repeat the course a few times in order to fully utilize all the topics covered from the lessons. Job well done! Keep it up! I am eagerly looking forward to further e-courses.
    natasha thorpe
    Natasha Thorpe
  • It's always surprising to find an instrument like this and see it reading you so accurately. I definitely had some WOW moments.  This is really incredible.  There wasn't much about it that didn't resonate with me.
    Deborah Hamilton
  • Being unsure of the career path you chose is always hard, but if you’re a young person, who still hasn't established a true sense of self, it’s even harder. MyCareertopia offers you a change. A change in how you think, how you approach new opportunities and how you feel about yourself. The offered tools and resources are easy to understand and allow you to get the help you need, without being intimidating or over the top. The team is very professional, fast to respond and kind. Stow your inner cynic! It is true- the path to self-discovery was never as colorful, accessible and easily comprehensible, as MyCareertopia made it be!
    Jenia Zelkind, Israel
  • I have sent many friends and associates to this site and everyone is quite ecstatic about the results of what they learn there. Everything they write and share is designed to help the person find their perfect career fit and also to help them get to a true understanding of themselves as an individual. They don’t just write on what’s trending in the career arena, they also provide a number of high quality career assessments that help everyone make smarter decisions both in life and in career
    Wayne Clancy, President, Future Strategies Inc
  • Here are a few reasons I like and respect MyCareertopia. It’s run by true career professionals – personal and professional coaches who have been at it for 30 years plus at the executive level.  It’s a give-back to the community, focused on helping young professionals get over the biggest challenges – entirely free of charge.  And it’s about finding YOUR path, not the path someone else believes you should be taking. They offer great resources for self-discovery, career assessment, personality profiles, and many more.  It’s real, factual, personal, and above all practical – not hype.  This is the sort of stuff they charge (a lot!) for in their F1000 level enterprise executive practice but give it away here to help jump start the community.
    Ron Collier, VP Strategy, CA
  • For years I have been looking for a resource to help young career seekers determine their own career path and the choices were slim.  When I tried to help it was either too complicated for a young person to deal with (multiple services/resources, confusion, and frustration) or it was cost prohibitive.  MyCareertopia.com has gathered all of the resources a young person needs into a one-stop-shop for career strategy planning and implementation.  It is easy, affordable and dynamic – complete with a blog for current best practices and ideas.  Most helpful and powerful is the availability to access several high quality personal assessments to help people learn about themselves and seek opportunities that will be a good fit.
    Charley Freericks
    Charley Freericks, President, DMB Associates Inc
Pacific Dental
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Careertopia’s career coaches have been coaching at an executive level for over 30 years, assisting major corporations in shaping executives and employees alike.

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Utilizing career assessment and aptitude tests in our coaching provides invaluable insight into who you truly are as a person, so we can give you advice at a level above other coaches.

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Careertopia has held some valuable webinars for our incredibly valued subscribers. We invite you to check out our 1hr web coaching sessions on personal branding, DISC, and more.

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