Every year around this time, publishers across the webiverse race to create the most fascinating Christmas content in hopes of driving a few more visits for the holidays.

Some of it blows your stockings off…while others leave you feeling empty as Santa’s sleigh in July.

Below are the best of the best videos, photos, and sites from sources like Mashable, Buzzfeed, College Humor, StumbleUpon, and more.

1.  How Different Age Groups Celebrate Christmas

via the oatmeal

Christmas has an evolution of its own.  We go from playing with the boxes the gifts come in, to waking up at the crack of dawn, to sleeping in past lunch on this glorious holiday.  The Oatmeal captured the evolution perfectly.

2.  20 Incredible Gingerbread Houses

via ivillage

Ivillage scoured the internet for the top Gingerbread houses and curated them here.  The Victorian gingerbread house above took over 3,400 lbs of honey, flour, chocolate, powdered sugar and egg whites.

3.  Darth Vader Conducts Christmas Choir

Nothing screams Christmas “fear” more than Darth Vader leading a flash mob of carolers.  The guitar intro alone is worth checking out this video clip.

4.  Kids Adorably Screwing Up in Christmas Pageants

via buddy tv

This compilation of different pageant videos is hilarious, but my personal favorite is the second one from which I snapped this picture.  The kid in the middle with his hand on his head cracks me up.

He wants the musical number to go well, but for some reason, these other kids can’t time their numbers right.

5.  Cats Hate Christmas

via buzzfeed

This collection of cats “enjoying” the Holidays is purfect!  Seriously, we all know how much the internet loves cats, if you have a similar taste, check this out.

6.  A Marvel Christmas Story

via draw2d2

The folks at draw2d2 take two “geek” references and mash them up to create some creative original artwork.  This week they decided on Marvel and A Christmas Story.  I have to say it looks like a success.  You can find the full gallery by clicking the picture above.

7.  A Tribute to Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen Death Scenes

Who can forget the creative ways Calvin depicted snow men dying in the beloved Calvin and Hobbes newspaper strip.  A fan took that and filmed this exceptional piece of work.

8. 80 Examples of Snow Photography to Freeze Your Screen

via onextrapixel

If you have one of those picture frames that rotates through pictures as you have family in town, this could be your one stop source for some extra holiday cheer.

9.  Jimmy Kimmel Gets Parents to Give Kids Lousy Presents

via Time

Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween challenge was a huge success, so when Christmas came around it only made sense that he would go for one more challenge.

This time, tell your kids they can open a gift early, but make it something horrible.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide what you think of the reactions.

10.  14 Recipes for Christmas Sweets

via allyou

It’s not Christmas until you have the treats that go along with it.  This collection was exceptionally tasty looking.

11.  Video: ‘Singing’ House Plays ‘Carol of the Bells’ for Christmas

Carol of the Bells is a classic, but it only gets better when you time it with Christmas lights.

12.  From a Jew: America Can Ignore Hanukkah.  It Needs Christmas.

via Christian Science Monitor

This was a fascinating viewpoint on Christmas from a Jew’s perspective.  What’s his reasoning?  “It’s the holiday of the majority and has become America’s festival of hope and charity.

13.  Should You Buy That Gift

via pete

Doing some last minute shopping?  Use this infographic to decide, “Should you really buy that gift?”

14.  Make Your Own Star Wars Snowflakes

via mattersofgrey

Star Wars and Christmas make perfect sense right?  Well, these instructions for making Star Wars Snowflakes certainly impressed me.

15.  Snowflake Workshop

via snowflake workshop

Now that you have some directions for some awesome Star Wars snowflakes, why not make them with this handy website.

16.  Let it Snow

via google

Type in “let it snow” on Google’s site and you will have a pleasant result.  If you live in a desert like me, this may be the closest to snow you’ll get this Christmas.

18.  The Christmas Can-Can

Acapella meets Christmas in this fascinating mix of holiday music and performance.

19.  Christmas Dinner Around the Globe

Christmas dinner means many things to many people.  Here’s a scrumptious look at the holiday dish according to different countries.

20.  Pimp My Snow Man

via tictocfamily

Don’t have snow to make your favorite man of snow?  The team at tictocfamily created this excellent web app to allow you to deck out your own snow man from any internet connection.

21.  The True Meaning of Christmas… According to Christmas Movies

via collegehumor

What do movies like Rudolph, Home Alone, and The Santa Claus teach us? Maybe not what we first expected.

22.  12 Christmas Traditions From Around the World

via southernbellaswaytosave

Goats, marriage rituals, and Kentucky Fried Chicken are all parts of Christmas traditions depending on what country you come from.

23.  Is it Christmas?

via isitchristmas

In case you were wondering…just click this link.

24.  Talking Porcupine Wishes You a Merry Christmas

This was both cute and creepy.  Couldn’t say I could ever connect porcupines to Christmas before this.  Now I can.

25.  Awesome Snowman Tree

via janine timmermann

Why not combine Christmas Trees and Snowmen?  Not a bad idea.

26.  Official NORAD Santa Tracker

via noradsanta.org

How does Santa make it to all those homes Christmas Eve night?  Now you can track his location on Goolge Earth, participate in daily activities as you count down the days, or enjoy the entertaining videos with your kids.

27.  Super-Nerdy Snow Sculptures

via buzzfeed.com

This crashed AT-AT snow sculpture is just the first of several nerdy snow sculptures.  Click for more.

28.  Interactive Angry Birds Christmas Light Display

If you are a fan of this addicting game, give this video a look.  Quite impressive.

29.  How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

via wikihow

Is the craft bug biting you this season?  This site provides excellent step by step details on how to make this elegant snow flake.

30.  Puppy Christmas

Want to make your Christmas cuter?  This video should satisfy that desire in about 3 seconds.

31.  Elf Yourself

via elfyourself

If you enjoy sticking your head in those wooden murals to see what you look like as Superman or the Little Mermaid, then this site was designed just for you.  Take your pictures and see what you look like as an elf in just a few seconds.

32.  A Very Kardashian Christmas

via showbiz

I may not understand the appeal of the Kardashian family, but she is one of the most Googled people.  Their Christmas card made all the headlines.  What do you think?

33.  The Commerce of Christmas

via outright

How much do we spend, when do we do our shopping, and where do we shop are just a few of the questions addressed in this festive infographic.

34.  A Book Lover’s Christmas

via imugr

35.  The 10 Ornaments on Your Christmas Tree

via college humor

We all have the ornaments that we can’t throw out, doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas, or any of the other ones illustrated here.

36.  60 Beautiful Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

via smashing

Want to get a hang of Photoshop?  Smashing Magazine provides some holiday tutorials to get you on your way.

37.  A Look at Santas from Around the World

via cupboardsonline

Santa isn’t always the jolly, fat, old man us Americans imagine him to be.  Find out how other cultures picture Old Saint Nick in this infographic.

38.  Hilariously Tacky Christmas Sweaters

via ivillage

If you find bad taste fascinating or humorous, this is for you.

39.  7 Crazy Christmas Light Displays

via this week

The Christmas display phenomena has caught on and spread like the winter flu.  Here is a collection of some of the best, including this Guitar Hero inspired design.

40.  101 Days to Christmas

via 101daystochristmas

If you are looking for activities to keep your kids busy leading up to Christmas, this site is your solution.  With 101 ideas and activities it will be hard for your kids to tell you “they’re bored.”

Have I Missed Any?

Everyday hundreds of new videos, photos, and sites are uploaded to the web.  If you’ve seen something that belongs in this gallery I’d be happy to add it.  Share in the comments below.

image courtesy of behance

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  1. It’s fun knowing that people become more creative on how they celebrate and enjoy the holiday season! The singing House Plays ‘Carol of the Bells’ for Christmas video was awesome! Am wondering how they do that? Maybe I can try that one at home. LOL. Great post! Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow Bryce- what an awesome collection of wonderful links, videos, and everything Christmas!

    Loved the goodies you have shared with everyone, I guess I DO need to bookmark this page and share it with everyone.

    Thanks once again and wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New year :)

  3. Great collection of articles and videos, Bryce! I absolutely loved the Angry Birds one. Really cleverly done.

  4. Bryce Christiansen

    Thanks Anna,

    I can only imagine it takes some major dedication to get your house to sing like that.

    I hope you are enjoying the season as well.


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  9. Hi Bryce,

    Great list. I like the kids screwing up the Christmas Pageant and the book tree looks interesting.

  10. This was a very fun post, Bryce! I enjoyed each of them, but I think my favorite was Darth Vader Choir. That was freakin’ awesome!! I don’t know why, but I just love the idea of flash mobs. I hope I get the chance to be apart of one, one of these days. The unity they provide is phenomenal! :)

    Thanks for sharing bud!

  11. Hey Bryce,

    Nice collection of pics :). I think I will go for book lover’s Christmas tree :).
    Have a great Christmas and happy new year :)

  12. Hi there Bryce! A great display of holiday fun! My favorite is the kids messing up the Christmas pageant – too funny! Wishing you and your wife a wonderful holiday this year! It has been nice getting to know you through the blogosphere! I hope to be more active in 2012! ~ Suerae

  13. Gianeli

    I really like the collection of pictures you have here and for me, this is awesome!!

  14. I love the 40 images and videos you have in this collection Bryce…They are pretty awesome!!

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