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MyCareertopia is here to help you get more FULLFILLMENT from your career, without having to sacrifice WHO YOU ARE.  

We are combining two important pieces of everyday life: personality and careers, then combining them into our goal of helping people find their Careertopia’s.

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Here at Careertopia, we found that people were happiest in their careers once they mastered three things.

First, knowing themselves.

Before you can find the right job fit, career of your dreams, or live a life of harmony, you need to know WHO you are.  And this is harder than it sounds.  That’s why we use award winning talent assessments with ALL of our clients before we do any career coaching on their behalf.

Second, understanding others.

Even if you did everything right on your end to get to a job of your dreams.  All it takes is one bad apple to ruin your day at work.  Our experience in working with teams in very successful corporations has taught us that we all have preferred ways to work and communicate.  Knowing this about your boss, team mates, and (yes even your family) can result in major payoffs to your happiness and productivity.

Third, building effective relationships.

The top performers in any organization will all tell you they are a product of the people who got them there.  If you truly want to find your Careertopia you’re going to need to find the right people to get you there.  Our products and blogs will give you the networking advice you need to succeed.