How to Get a Job in Video Games

If you have a passion for video games, you’re not alone. According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), this $10.5 billion industry is enjoyed by nearly 70% of American households each year. Making the jump from player to producer is often touted as a risky move, but if you’re truly driven and want to…

perfect job

Your Perfect Job: How To Find It

Many of us are hunting for that “perfect job.” We love the idea of landing a position that matches our personality, uses our skills, and meets our needs. But how many of us have actually stopped to assess our personality traits, outline our strengths, or consider our specific needs? When considering a new position or…


How To Prepare For Your First Job Interview

The “firsts” in life are often scary. Especially when it is your first big job interview! That important interview can be so daunting. But if you take simple steps and precautions, you can convert your D-day into a fantastic – and successful – experience. Here’s how: Polish your INTELLECT 1. Research: Effective research creates impressive knowledge…


How to Reignite The Passion For Your Work

Remember what it was like when you first got your job?   You were excited, thrilled, proud.  The opportunities were just starting and you could finally relax a moment from the job search routine. But what happened?  Did the passion eventually die down?  Did you start to resent your managers or the ownership?  Did coworkers…


10 Proven Qualities of a Top Performer

A few months before Albert Einstein unexpectedly passed away, William Miller, an editor for LIFE magazine paid the genius a visit on a personal errand. William’s son, Pat had recently become bogged down in a sort of “philosophical nihilism,” asking himself what significance there was to human endeavor if the universe was dying? Trying to…