The Simple Secret to Ruling The World…Someday.

As the famous song from the 80’s goes: “…Everybody wants to rule the world…”

There’s plenty of truth to these lyrics.

Although you might not actually want the burden of being responsible for ruling the whole world.

But most of us wouldn’t mind if we were able to have a little more influence over parts of our world.

Would you like to have more ‘pull’ in the workplace? Maybe just be more influential in your personal life?

Many of us have a feeling deep down inside that we’d have so much more to give, but we’re not sure how to go about it.

There’s a way to begin expanding your impact on the world. But many people are unaware of the simple way to do it. And that’s what keeps them stuck, eventually concluding that no one is going to listen to their great idea, to their potential contributions.

Sound familiar?


8 Personality Types Every Company Needs

Ever felt like you work at a company full of the same type of idiot?

What I mean is, do you recognize a common theme in who the boss hires?

Are they all blonde-attractive-20-something females or sport-fanatic-hair-obsessing jocks?

We all have our taste in food and entertainment, so I guess it’s reasonable to assume we could have a taste when it comes to who we hire.

But is it actually productive? Is it what’s right for the team?

And you understand perfectly how this happens.

No one wants to hire someone you see as “different” and certainly nobody wants to hire someone who is actually smarter and better than you at the job.

Eventually you find yourself working with a bunch of cloned idiots and that does nobody any good.

So how do you stop this natural tendency to hire dumber versions of yourself? And more importantly, what should you do if you are the one considering a career move?

It all starts with recognizing the different work personality styles.


6 Good Reasons Work-Life Balance is More Important than Money

If you’re struggling to make a career decision or simply to find more balance between your work and the rest of your life, you’re certainly not alone. More and more employees, particularly Gen Y employees, are looking for better balance between work and home, and they are prioritizing it higher than a huge paycheck.

The younger generation seems to be moving in the right direction here. Even if more work-life balance means taking home less money, it’s probably better to opt in favor of more balance. Here are six good reasons why: