Where to Look If You Want the Best Starting Salaries for Your Major

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The first thing on any starving student’s mind when it comes to graduation is…money.

After all, we didn’t spend hundreds of weekends studying and days without sleep for nothing. We want to graduate and make tons of money.

I think we all understood, not all degrees were created equal. Never did I see a Sociology major expecting to have the starting salary of an Engineering major.

But what we might not have thought of is just where in our industry would we make the biggest bang for our buck?

For instance, if I was graduating in Business Management, what employers would pay me the most for my major. Is it retail, manufacturing, colleges, or hospitals? Certainly there are several factors to consider such as company hierarchy and of course how you configure your w-4; but thankfully there is a w-4 calculator that can help with that.

Thanks to the recent Nace Survey we know where to look for the best starting salaries.

Where to Look If You Want the Best Starting Salaries for Your Major

Below I’ve organized the data by major. I’ll share what the average salary is as well as who are the high paying and low paying employers.


Average Salary: Accounting majors in 2011 saw an average starting salary of $50,500.

Lowest Paying Employers: accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services at $47,050.

Highest Paying Employers: Securities, commodities, and financial investments at $53,910.


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