How to Discover Your Ultimate Potential

Ultimate Potential, wow, that’s heavy. What is this nebulous thing called potential? Throughout your life people have told you that you have lots of it … don’t waste it … and live up to it. But, again, what is it?

Potential comes from the root words “potency” and “potent” and refers to all the things you can be successful at if you develop and use your gifts, talents and natural abilities.


Top Myths that Dash the Hopes of Reaching Your Ultimate Potential

The battle for self-mastery may leave a person a bit bruised and battered, but always a better man or woman. Self-mastery is a rigorous process at best; too many of us want it to be effortless and painless.

Some spurn effort and substitute an alibi. We hear the plea, ‘I was denied the advantages others had in their youth.’  And then we remember the caption that Webster, the cartoonist, placed under a sketch of Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin: ‘Ill-housed, ill-fed, ill-clothed.


How to Find a Job in 99 Days

The extended unemployment benefits are set to run out today, leaving close to 2 million people without benefits.   Until now, the government was giving citizens an average weekly check of $302, with 99 days to find a job. However, for millions of people that time frame was not enough.  The reasons are not new; “I’m…


Do You Mean What You Say?

How often do you say things that are really throw-away remarks? You know like, “Thanks” or “Have a good day” or “love you” … yeah, you sort of mean it but it’s really a habit and the person on the receiving end doesn’t really feel like you mean it … REALLY. Here’s a suggestion: think…