Motivators Assessment

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The Motivators Discovery Kit includes the world-renowned Motivators Assessment along with a step-by-step video walk-through of your report.

Our Motivators Kit looks at “WHY” you act the way you do.

The work world tends to motivate its workers with time and money, but people have much deeper motivations than those two things. And not everyone is motivated the same.

This assessment will help you discover what really motivates you.

It helps you answer, “What would it take for you to do something if you weren’t being paid?

If you knew the answer to that question, how much more rewarding would your life be?

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Discover the Best Way to Understand What Drives You to Perform

What are Motivators?

Motivators are the reason you behave the way you do. Understanding your motivations or values as we sometimes call them, is the key to understanding how to engage fully in life, work and play.

The applications for this assessment are limitless. This page will go over the science of Motivators, what the report sections will cover, how to apply it to your career, and more.

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I was absolutely excited at the report because it was the first experience I’ve had that resonated with me so authentically and assuredly. It filled in details that I have been missing.

Deb Paniagua

It’s always surprising to find an instrument like this and see it reading you so accurately. I definitely had some WOW moments.  This is really incredible.  There wasn’t much about it that didn’t resonate with me.

Deborah Hamilton

What’s Inside Your Motivators Report?

Curious what’s inside a Motivators Assessment? Take a tour and check out what’s included in your report. Download a complete sample here.

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  • 10+ pages that dive into your HIDDEN motivators.
  • Illuminate what you need in order to feel driven, happy, and productive.
  • Life changing learning. Your Motivators report will open your eyes to the kind of work you should seek out and avoid in order to be happy TODAY and going forward for years to come.
  • A handy takeaway that can be shared with managers, recruiters, and leaders to show them why you are a good fit for their company and how to manage you effectively.

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