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Our DISC assessment test looks at the “HOW” in your actions, and will help you determine your DISC personality. You’ll find out how you behave at work compared to when you’re relaxed, being yourself. It will show you how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, how you respond to pace in your environment, and how you adapt to rules and procedures set by others. Most of all, you’ll find out how much you are adapting your behavior in order to do your job. This knowledge will help you eliminate unnecessary stress and determine what changes you should make in your job or career to increase your happiness levels.

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What is DISC?

DISC is a science and popular assessment type that is used to help you understand your behavioral preferences at work and home.

The applications for this assessment are limitless. This page will go over the science of DISC, what the report sections will cover, how to apply it to your career, and more.

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I was absolutely excited at the report because it was the first experience I’ve had that resonated with me so authentically and assuredly. It filled in details that I have been missing.

Deb Paniagua

It’s always surprising to find an instrument like this and see it reading you so accurately. I definitely had some WOW moments.  This is really incredible.  There wasn’t much about it that didn’t resonate with me.

Deborah Hamilton

What’s Inside Your DISC Report?

Curious what’s inside a DISC Assessment? Take a tour and check out what’s included in your report. Download a complete sample here.

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  • 20+ pages of detailed information surrounding your hidden strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhance your job performance by learning the universal language of “how we act”
  • Life changing learning. Your DISC report will open your eyes to the kind of work you should seek out and avoid in order to be happy TODAY and going forward for years to come.
  • Eliminate stress from your life by pinpointing where you are adapting to get the job done.
From the Blog

Over several years we’ve been writing about the applications, uses, and insights these assessments bring.

From learning I was in the wrong job to discovering a whole new dimension around how we communicate, we’ve covered some impressive topics on our award winning blog. Explore the world of DISC and see how it could make a world of difference in your life.

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DISC is just one of several sciences we cover when it comes to better understanding yourself. Motivators, EQ, and combined reports are available to give you a clearer picture of how you work best, what drives you, how you interact, how others perceive your behaviors and much more. Want to talk to someone about which assessment is best for you? Call us at 1-877-523-0212 ext 118