If you’ve following our Blog you will have read that we work in an almost magical place that we call The Retreat.

Our premise when we created The Retreat was to provide a place where our clients could relax, reflect and re-energize as we worked with them while they created their future. So, it was important that they feel that this was a “safe” environment; one where they could let their imagination be free and open to new ideas and big, hairy audacious goals.

Little did we know, however, that The Retreat would become a physical and emotional refuge not only for our clients and staff, but for our ever expanding menagerie.

You may recall in the summer of 2009 we had a trio of owls join us at The Retreat where they lay about the lawn trying to cool off during an especially hot July. They were taking a seriously high risk, especially with their chick, by sitting on the ground completely exposed to the staff, the dog and the clients walking back and forth to the office. They had to stay awake all day in order to be vigilant because they were now vulnerable to a coyote or a cat, both of which could pounce on them from the fence. But they were willing to take that risk in order to survive in the heat. And, perhaps, they intuited that this was a place of safety and the dangers were minimal.

Since then, we’ve been adopted by a squirrel, a cottontail, had two visits from a herd of javelinas, and now, would you believe, a peacock; who we have named Percival.

Percy showed up about four weeks ago, just wandering around The Retreat, looking in the office windows. We gave him a little food and assumed he’d head back home where he probably had a nice crate and possibly a girlfriend.

Well, no, he hasn’t left. He spends his days looking in the office windows, annoying both the dog and the cat, delighting all of us and our clients too. When he’s had enough of us, he hunkers down in the planter behind the Koi pond where he has lots of shade (camouflage) and cool ground. Then, at dusk, he flies up into the pine tree outside of Jim’s office, hops up to the very top, and roosts safely all night.

As you can see from the picture, he’s a real beauty.

Peacocks are not native to Arizona so why he is here and why he has decided thus far to stay are questions we can’t answer. I like to think that he has blessed us with his presence because he too was looking for a place of refuge; a place where he feels safe and he’s found it at The Retreat.

And for us, well, there is a lot of amazing symbolism surrounding the peacock. Peacock, which is the national bird of India, is a symbol of beauty, prosperity, royalty, love, compassion, soul and peace. The peacock naturally replaces his feathers annually; as such, the peacock is also a symbol of renewal. According to feng-shui, “Peacocks are a symbol of beauty reminding us to take pleasure in the finer things in life. The Peacock is pure of heart, loyal and faithful to their partners. The male Peacock goes to great lengths to attract his heart’s desire. Display the image of the peacock in the relationship area of your home to symbolize fidelity in your relationship encouraging a lasting and loving partnership.”

If the symbolism is real, we truly are blessed.

I’d love to hear your stories about your encounters with nature’s blessings.

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One thought on “Percival the Peacock Joins The Retreat

  1. Wow! I’ve been honored to spend time at the retreat and I’m with Percy! He is one smart bird… The symbolism surrounding him is absolutely perfect and most definitely represents the energy there. I hope to get back there for a little “renewal” sometime soon and meet the latest “staff member” in person-

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