Hey folks, I’ve been looking forward to this day for some time now.

We are weeks away from launching our first web tool for the public. It’s called People Profiler and it’s going to change the way you communicate with your family, friends, and coworkers.

[UPDATE: The People Profiler launched in March 2012 – you can try it out for free here.]

Today I get to share a special sneak preview with you. You are literally the first eyes in the general public who are hearing about this and will have the chance to try it before anyone else.


Click here to learn more.

What Do You Think?

We would love to hear what you think of this new tool we are working on. We will be answering questions in the comments below.


[UPDATE: The People Profiler launched in March 2012 – you can try it out for free here.]

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22 thoughts on “Special Sneak Preview of the People Profiler (A Tool That Will Change The Way You Communicate)

  1. That’s just too cool Bryce, I’ve definitely signed up for it. I think it can really help with the way we communicate with people online that we don’t actually have a chance of meeting in person.

    I’m so excited for you and anxiously awaiting it’s release.

    Thanks again and have a great week.


  2. Hi Bryce, this sounds very cool! I’m with Adrienne, I am very impressed. Congratulations on launching your new product.

    I have a question, though. Let’s say there’s a boss in the office who is a big jerk. You know, the guy everyone is afraid of. How do you profile a guy who isn’t nice without slamming him? Are identities of the people who take the survey kept confidential?

    I see this as being a very valuable tool. Thanks for sharing your preview with us, Bryce!

  3. I like the idea of actionable insights.

    I suspect it’s drawing from all we know about character strengths, MBTI, Insights, and more.

    It will be interesting to see the reactions to *profiling.* In software it’s one thing. With people, it’s another.

  4. Wow! Sounds wonderful Bryce!

    I guess i agree with Adrienne that this is surely going to be something interesting, especially when you what you know about people online whom you are dealing with.

    However, are just those 8 questions really enough to get to know the real person? I mean those are mainly going to be answered by us and that would mean we are judging the person based on our own perceptions and the way we see them? Just clarifying.

    Going right ahead and signing up :)

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to knowing more about it in the coming weeks :)

  5. Chelsea

    That is totally awesome! I’ll be looking forward to the official launch.

  6. Julie

    Wowee! It sounds really interesting. I guess there is an awful amount of background work behind this, when it comes to do all kinds of characteristic encountering, and of course the design of the interface too. I am more than impressed!

  7. Bryce Christiansen

    Hi Adrienne,

    That’s a really great application for the tool. Maybe, I’ll try profiling a few of the readers here to demonstrate that use and make a post on the blog.

    I appreciate the support you are showing us.


  8. Bryce Christiansen

    Hi Carolyn,

    So glad you commented on this one, since you are a pro at this tech stuff.

    Your question is a great one. If you have a boss that’s a jerk, you can certainly profile them confidentially. This tool will have you log in to your own personal account so no one else will have access to it. You don’t even have to use their real name, we just have that function there to help people keep their profiles organized.

    I actually had a friend use this tool when we were first testing the logic behind it to see how it worked. Naturally he picked someone he wasn’t on the best of terms with. He was expecting to get a report that bashed the guy on all his flaws, but was surprised to see a report that explained the behavior this guy shows in a more neutral light.

    So even if you have a jerk for a boss and you run a profile on him that he happens to find on your desk, he probably wouldn’t think any less of you.

    In addition, identities are kept confidential so any names you use won’t be made public or sent to the person you profiled.

    Great questions Carolyn, can’t wait to share it with you and hear what you think.


  9. Bryce Christiansen

    Hi J.D.

    You’re completely right, this tool is about actionable insights.

    There’s a book called “Have a Nice Conflict” that worded it beautifully.

    “So why is dealing with people so difficult, and why does it sometimes lead to conflict? Because we have no idea what’s going on inside their head. As a result, we watch what people do, but don’t necessarily know why they do it. We can see their behavior, but it’s more worthwhile to understand their reason for using the behavior – their intent or motivation.”

    People Profiler was built off of the DISC methodology so the questions are all based on a person’s behavior.

    “Profiling” is a sensitive word so I can certainly see your point. I’m curious how it will be perceived as well.

    However, the profiles this tool delivers are rather positive in light. So even if you were to profile your worst enemy and they happened to find their report on your desk. They wouldn’t have a clue that was the impression you had of them.

    Thanks for your comment J.D.

    Curious to see what you think of it.


  10. Bryce Christiansen

    Hi Harleena,

    You’re question is one I’m glad you asked. Although there are only 8 questions, it’s having you select a most and least for each of those so you are getting twice the input for each question.

    The People Profiler uses logic similar to DISC. Those assessments typically have around 70 questions or more. We wanted to deliver a similar experience where you could understand the communication aspects of a person without having to fill out a detailed survey about them. The results are similar to a summary of what you might find on a DISC report.

    We don’t suspect this tool to be as accurate as the detailed DISC assessment, but are pleasantly surprised to see that our results tend to come dead close to the full assessment.

    We recently hired Michelle as you may know. Her first day on the job we had her use the tool to profile Jim the owner of BWLC. She had only met him in the interview. Her results were within one position from Jim’s actual DISC profile.

    We’ve seen this with several other profiles where we know their actual DISC profile # and what people tend to find using People Profiler.

    I think this will be one of the things we cover leading up to launch as well.

    Understanding people’s behavior is a tricky thing. Since we have no way to read minds currently, we make decisions every day based on observed behavior. You’re right, it’s not as good as their natural behavior that only they can see, but unless a person is highly stressed and out of their comfort zone, the behavior you observe isn’t a far stretch from the natural behavior they would typically demonstrate.

    The other thing I like about the tool is that the profiles are in no way a negative output on the individual. Despite how much we may not get along with the person, the profiles themselves explain their behavior in a neutral light. Often the conflict exists because there’s a lack of understanding about how that person prefers to communicate. We may behave in a way that just doesn’t work with their particular style or makes them uncomfortable or lack confidence.

    That’s where this tool will make an impact.

    Great question Harleena.


  11. Bryce Christiansen

    Thanks Chelsea,

    Can’t wait to share it with you.


  12. Bryce Christiansen

    Thanks Julie,

    It certainly did involve an impressive amount of work, research, and testing to get it where it is today.

    Can’t wait to share it with you,


  13. Sounds interesting! I never know about this special Sneak and glad to see the preview of this. I will try it very soon and let’s see how it change the way I communicate. Thanks!

  14. Very cool tool and I have signed up!

    I’m sure you have worked hard on all this and what an interesting tool!

    Thank you Bryce!

  15. Bryce Christiansen

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for signing up. I think your audience would really enjoy this tool. It’s all about building those relationships by communicating effectively with each other.

    I’ll be very interested in what you think.


  16. WOWEE! This is a great product, Bryce! I’m super excited about this too! I remember attending a workshop and learning about how, based on the difference in our personalities, I should give my partner more space when we have a conversation versus my automatic reaction to force answers out of him. Knowing this little tidbit has made a world of a difference and what’s so amazing about this tool is that it allows us to communicate better with any person we meet, especially in the workplace! LOVE it! =)

  17. Bryce Christiansen

    Thanks Samantha,

    That workshop is absolutely right. People are very different yet we tend to forget that when it comes to communication.

    I’ll be excited to hear what you think,


  18. I think this tool looks great and have signed up, really looking forward to the launch. i like the idea of testing it on your readers, sounds like fun!

  19. Guest

    While I enjoyed the visual appeal of this “People Profiler”, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the fact that every selectable option was OVERLY swayed towards a ,generally speaking, kind person. In which case, needing to profile them seems rather trivial. Why would you need to know how to communicate with a kind, passive, tolerant person? They’ll give you the response you want. A narcissistic, controlling, unpredictable, rude, overbearing, complex person would be more likely to give you a difficult time when it comes to communication. Just my personal insight.

  20. Bryce Christiansen

     I see what you are saying.  I’ve had a number of people tell me similar things. You’re probably right that The People Profiler won’t validate your view of the person as being rude, overbearing, or narcissistic. 

    We took the strengths from each style and published those.  And although each profile will show the person’s strengths, it doesn’t mean they are all the same.

    Following the communication tips will make a difference even if we aren’t coming out and saying this person is a narcissistic jerk.  We know this, we just aren’t publishing it :)

    I do appreciate your feedback, and maybe we’ll add a few of the weaknesses people have to a future release.


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