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How is Careertopia different from the other career sites like Brazen Career, Careerealism, or Career Rocketeer?

Unlike other career sites, Careertopia focuses on your unique career problems and career happiness.

Besides offering original content on the blog each week, we have created a free eCourse “How to Find the Perfect Career Fit For Your Personality” ($300 value).

Our products are one of a kind, using assessments and training that have been tried and tested with executive clients.

We stand by our coaching and products, with a guarantee you’ll be satisfied or get your money back.

What's your free eCourse about?

How to Find the Perfect Career Fit For Your Personality is a 12-Part ecourse designed to help you understand yourself, build relationships, and be an effective communicator on the job.

Whether you’re hating your job right now, looking for a change in careers, or needing some motivation to turn your career around, this ecourse will give you powerful insight into your strengths, motivations, values and more so you can make smarter decisions in your career.

The 12 lessons and workbooks when applied are truly life changing.  This is a course that will empower your career for a lifetime.

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You talk a lot about using assessments as a good way to start working toward a happier career. What does a DISC assessment tell me?

The coaches at Careertopia got their start coaching high level executives at large and medium sized organizations like DELL, IBM, and CA.

No matter the challenge these important individuals were facing, we always started our coaching with DISC and other assessments.

Why do we do this?  A DISC assessment helps our clients understand their BEHAVIOR style.  How they tend to tackle challenges when it comes to work.

Some things a DISC assessment tells them is…

  • Do you prefer a fast or steady paced environment?
  • How are you adapting your behavior to do the job?
  • Are you on track to burn yourself out if you don’t start making changes?
  • Where are you feeling stressed, and what’s causing it?
  • How do you influence others?
  • Do you do best in structured environments or flexible ones?
  • Do you like plenty of details to make a decision or do you prefer high level summaries?
  • What kind of job environment will you thrive in?
  • What kind of job environment will destroy you?

The report we send you about yourself will shock you.  Learning about yourself and how to apply the science of DISC to your career will help you make smarter career decisions, communicate more effectively, and become a power player in any office.

I feel like I know myself really well, how can you (a complete stranger) teach me anything I don't already know?

Helping professionals overcome career obstacles is the business we’ve been in for over 15 years.

Our assessments are incredibly powerful tools for understanding yourself.  They’ve been used in several Fortune 500 companies to help with everything from reducing turnover, hiring top performers, and building teams.

You can download a sample assessment report below.

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Is it possible for a 20 minute assessment to make a major impact on my career happiness?

Yes. The assessment is the first step to a truly life changing understanding of how you work and what to look for if you want to be happy in your career.

Taking our assessments will build a permanent vocabulary of words to avoid or seek when looking for the “perfect” career opportunities.  Fast paced, detail oriented, results focused, self-driven, and charismatic are just a few words that will take on new meaning after you’ve tried one of our assessments.

My career problem is a little complicated. Is there anyone I can talk to?

Yes please reach out to us anytime.

My direct email for any career related questions is dferguson@balancedworklife.com.

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