How to Skyrocket Your Career With a Personal Website

Learn how to start a personal website from scratch for cheap.

  • Give yourself a competitive advantage for the BEST jobs
  • Make a platform for your voice and career
  • Organize your career achievements in a dynamic way


How to Leverage the Career Change Opportunity

Don’t get caught unprepared for that next big career change or opportunity.

  • Why You Need to Prepare For a Position/Career Change…Even if You’re Happy
  • The Only Three Questions You Need to Answer in a Job Interview
  • How to Prepare for Your Position/Career Change
  • The Hiring Process…and How to Ace It

How to Give Your LinkedIn Profile the Ultimate Makeover

When tuned correctly, LinkedIn can be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to growing your career.

  • Best Practices for Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Live Examples of How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile
  • An In-Depth Makeover of One Lucky Attendee’s Profile