DISC Assessment Test

  • 20+ pages of detailed information surrounding your hidden strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhance your job performance by learning the universal language of “how we act”
  • Life-changing learning. Your DISC report will open your eyes to the kind of work you should seek out (and avoid) in order to be happy TODAY, and in the years to come
  • Eliminate stress from your life by pinpointing where you are adapting too much in order to get the job done


Motivators Assessment Test

  • 10+ pages that dive into your HIDDEN motivators
  • Illuminate what you need in a job in order to feel driven, happy, and productive
  • Amazing insight into yours and others motivations. Use this learning to better manage your career as well as become a better manager of others as well
  • A handy takeaway that can be shared with managers, recruiters, and leaders to show them why you are a good fit for their company and how to manage you effectively

DISC & Motivators Combined

The DISC and Motivators Combination Kit includes a DISC and Motivators Assessment and 25 micro tutorials to help you understand and apply your assessment to your career.




DISC & Motivators with Coaching

  • 1 DISC and Motivators Assessment
  • 90 Minute Self Paced Video Debrief
  • 22 Part Email Course on How to Use Your Assessment
  • Assessment University Access
  • 2 hours of coaching debriefing your report and next steps
  • One year membership of The People Profiler

EQ Assessment Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Consultation

  • 10+ pages of detailed information regarding your emotional intelligence
  • Enhance your job performance by learning how you manage emotions in the workplace…both your own and those around you
  • Life-changing learning. Your EQ report will help you identify strengths and weaknesses that will allow you to compete at a whole new level in your career
  • Talk with a certified expert who will show you how to put your report in action and see results right away