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LinkedIn has been the most ignored and neglected social networking tool for a while, but one has to realize that LinkedIn is the only network targeted specifically for Professionals and JobSeekers. It acts as an online resume for a professional to make himself known to all types of recruiters around the world.

When you create a blog and turn your attention to promote your website using social media, you install the FaceBook Share button or Twitter follow icon, similarly LinkedIn has several such plugins available for you to take advantage of this unique network. Below I will share the top 5 plugins I feel are a must for any blog:

1. LinkedIn Share Button – As the name suggests, it is very similar to the FaceBook or Twitter Share buttons that enable the reader to share the article with a single click, bringing high quality traffic to your blog. With LinkedIn however, one has to take an extra step to share any article in the respective group or niche to make it easy for others to find the right content.

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2. LinkedIn Members Profile Plugin – This is a useful little widget that allows your readers to view all the other professionals on your LinkedIn Profile. This is a similar widget to the FaceBook Like button where readers are able to view all the other fans of your page.  In LinkedIn’s case, they can see what connections you have in common.

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3. LinkedIn Full Member Profile – This plugin allows you to display large and detailed LinkedIn profiles on your site. The code to present the Full Member Profile plugin is simple, but it does require that you know the member’s platform id. This plugin allows you to display your current employment status, your experience, your latest post etc. This may take a little coding knowledge to implement, but can prove to be useful for certain bloggers.

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4. LinkedIn Recommend Plugin – If you are promoting a product or a service on your blog then this may be the right plugin for you. It allows you to recommend a product or service on your landing page and thus boost the product sales and leads in LinkedIn.

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5. LinkedIn Login/SignIn Plugin – The LinkedIn API makes it incredibly easy to let you authenticate customers using their LinkedIn account. You can then use that information to register them for your own site, identify them in a blog comment, or otherwise use this to streamline their experience. You can be sure  spammers won’t register since LinkedIn profiles are pretty locked-up and spam-free.

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Your Turn

Hope you found these plugins useful and they create an impact on generating better traffic to your blog. If you know of any other plugins, do share with us and help your fellow bloggers to effectively use social media to market their websites and personal brands.

Which of these plugins stood out to you?  Can you see yourself using any of them?  Who would you recommend these for?

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28 thoughts on “Top LinkedIn Plugins For Your Blog

  1. Hello Bryce – Thanks for accepting and publishing my article.

  2. Bryce Christiansen

    Thank you for being my guest. This is a fabulous article that I’m sure many of our visitors will find useful.


  3. Hey Guys,

    I am still learning LinkedIn and frankly, I don’t like it so far, only because it confuses me. Why can’t it be straight forward like Twitter?

    Can you suggest a great “how to” or “intro” post for me to learn about LinkedIn?


  4. Hey Praveen, you like LinkedIn don’t you. That might be a bit too many eggs in one basket for me. I like ReplyMe (which sends an email of your reply to commenters) and All in One SEO (which allows you to take control of your keywords, SEO descriptions of the post, and the like), plus Askimet for spam. Just need to be careful as we can all go Plugin mad and have far too many. I’ve got about eight and happy with that. What’s the best number do you think??

  5. Bryce Christiansen

    Yes in fact, I just helped a client revamp his LinkedIn Profile to hit what he was looking for.

    Rich from Corn On The Job has a great beginner’s guide here

    I really like Guy Kawasaki’s LinkedIn Makeover

    I have also written an article that could be good, even if you aren’t looking to get offers from LinkedIn.

    How to Get Noticed By Headhunters On LinkedIn

    That should give you plenty to chew on for now. Reach out to me if you have any questions with LinkedIn, I’m always helping our clients with their LinkedIn, and wouldn’t mind answering any questions you had.


  6. Ah hey Praveen, great seeing you over here at Bryce’s place. And what a wonderful post too!

    I have come to really like LinkedIn and I remember when I had to go in search of the icons to place on my blog. You sure did make it easy for everyone.

    For now I just have the share icon on mine that is incorporated with the Digg Digg plug-in for sharing my content. But these others are really cool too.

    Thanks again Praveen, great to see you.


  7. Allie – I agree LinkedIn is not as straight-forward as any other social networks, but the reason is it allows far more features than any of those. Hope you find the links Bryce has provided useful and will start using it more.
    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  8. John – Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I agree that with new plug-ins being developed and released every so often, it makes a blogger wonder what is really useful. I think it all depends on the objectivity of the blog, most of the plugins described by you seems to be SEO related, and all of them are agreeably the top few. When you think about social networking plugins where you want to reach out to your contacts and friends, there are some limitations and what I wanted to bring out from this post is the less known yet effective plugins for LinkedIn. It wouldnt be fair to put a number for the optimum # of plugins, as long as your load time and response time is good, I think the blog will perform fine.

  9. Hey Adrienne – Nice to see you here as well, and glad you found my post interesting.
    Hope you make use of these and find it more useful than I have recommended.

  10. Hi Praveen,
    I am still somewhat clueless to LinkedIn but thanks to your post I am now more informed.

    I have participated in some discussions and also made connections with people who I never thought I would have.

  11. Dia

    Hi Bryce and Praveen,

    Thanks for sharing these tips on linkedin. I personally don’t use linkedin much, but I like these plugins, but I really need to get more involved in lindedin. Thanks for sharing

  12. Justin – Glad to hear that and hope you find it more professional and you can get in touch with similar bloggers like you.

  13. Dia – Hope you make the best use of them and thanks for leaving a comment.

  14. As always, very informative and helpful – nicely done! ~ Suerae

  15. Hi Praveen and Bryce,

    Thanks for the information. I, as well feel a little unsure about how to best use Linkedin, but your post has helped. I have met a few people and used it a bit, but don’t spend too much time there. Sharing more posts would be helpful to me, so I appreciate your tips on that topic. Thanks!

  16. I too love linked-in but still i m novice with that. i m keep on learning. you post gave something to learn. thanks for share .

  17. Hi Praveen and Bryce! Thanks so much for the helpful tips. I’ve been a linkedIn member and started to get involved with it but I haven’t used any plugin for my blog. Nice post! Thanks again!

  18. Vallerie

    Your post is so informative, easy to understand because you’ve explained it well. But I’m new with blogging and just starting to learn. Thanks for your helpful tips.

  19. Thanks Suerae, glad you liked it.

  20. Cathy – Good that you started using the network, i am sure you will find it very informative and serves a lot of good purpose to your website as well.

  21. Eric – Glad to see you here, and thanks for leaving a comment. Do let us know your progress on the social network.

  22. Classycareergirl – Your profile name sounds interesting and should surely be using LinkedIn when you are thinking about careers :-)

  23. Valeria – Thanks for the comment and do let us know if you need any further help with configuring the plugin on your website or anything else. Glad to be of any help.

  24. Thank you Praveen and Bryce. I will be checking out these links. I’m sure they will help.


  25. Paveen, great post. Thanks. Re: LinkedIn Members Profile Plugin & wordpress blog. Tried dropping code into Text Widget – this didn’t work. Any ideas?

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