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After all, your input is part of what led to us being named in the Forbes Top 100 Best Career Sites.

So, if you’d like to write for Careertopia, we’d love to hear from you!


Our Linking Policy

We welcome submissions from guest bloggers who are demonstrating authority, sharing expertise, and want to connect with our community. Each submission must be accompanied by a free use photo to use in the post with your source cited.

We don’t support guest blogging used simply as a cheap way to build backlinks purely for SEO.

As a result, we now only offer nofollow links in the guest posts we publish.

So if you’re still interested in submitting a post, read on!

What Careertopians Love to Read

We are seeking well-written, actionable & meaty advice that isn’t just the same fluff that’s been done over and over on career sites.

Your article should be relevant to these – very broad – topics: career development, self-awareness & discovery, finding the ideal job fit, career happiness, pursuing success, changing careers, workplace environment, and career resources.

And if writing a well-researched, data-focused article that links to relevant resources isn’t your thing, we still want to hear from you!

Because our most popular posts come in a variety of formats.

Here’s a short list of ideas & examples that may help you decide what to send over to us.

Interviews With – or Advice From – the Experts

8 Career Experts Reveal 8 Reasons Why Every Careerist Should Own a Personal Website

Kate White Reveals: Career Secrets From Running Cosmo Magazine

Sharing a Relevant Personal Experience

How Working from Home Can Help Tackle Your New Year’s Resolutions

Unexpected – But Useful – Career Advice from the Gym

Video of Current Event or Presentation

Ashton Kutcher Confesses 3 Insider Secrets to a Better Career

4 Year Old’s Bucket List Shows There’s More to Life Than Work

List of Ideas or Resources

Top 10 April Fools Pranks You Can Do In the Office

Four Actions You Can Do Today That Will Spur You Towards Your Dream Career

Advice or Input on Career Decisions

16 Common Networking Mistakes That Can Derail Your Career

What to Consider Before Relocating For a Job

What Makes Our Editors Crazy

We receive many submissions each day from writers outside our community who are looking to publish on Careertopia to to promote their clients or offerings. Some of these articles are fantastic. Some are not. So in this area we have to get a little picky.

Here we go….any submissions containing the following will not make it past our editors:

  • Weak, poorly written fluff that’s been done a gazillion times before
  • Consistently bad grammar, poor spelling, multiple typos – we’d really rather write an original article than spend the same amount of time fixing yours
  • Obvious self-serving content & links that barely relate to the topics specified above
Anything Else?

If you’re not a Careertopia subscriber, but would like to submit an article for our site, please be sure to first read the best advice on Guest Posting.

Send Us Your Articles & Ideas!

When your submission is ready, just email it to info {at} balancedworklife {dot} com

We look forward to hearing from you!


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